Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 the year that was


Well this was the month that we decided to write to the powers that be and started the complaint against Acantha. We spent a lot of time wording our complaint and wondered where it might lead. By the end of January we had recieved the suport needed to know we had made the right moves in our complaint. We took he kids to Sydney and then we received the call from acanthas boss that they were investigating and to wait to see what occurred.


We started our school, in amidst terror and excitement we attended our first class. Knowing no one we spent our first day studying in a cafe not far from school, on the way back to school we bumped into a person who became over the next few months a special and wonderful friend. We also met with acanthas bosses and expected results after all the evidence we produced.


Well we turned 39 and it was without event or much celebration. School seem,ed to pass fast and suddenly we found ourselves at home cooking like we have never cooked before, we have found our niche in life we and are enjoying our new life in college as a mature age student.


With much astonishment i received the news that Acanthas workplace had decided that I was a nuisance and of course (only a multiple so what would i know). I was told there was nothing more they could do and once again my faith in a christian organisation went out the window, something i must say has continued to this day. This was also the time that we learnt that Acantha was registered under a well known organisation and we sent our first complaint letter off.
this was also the moth that i headed off to NSW by myself for the first time and spent time with my aunty and grandmother, this was a a personal and amazing moment it was one of the six things we said we would do this year and we did it. It cemented a blossoming relationship between my new found family and myself.


Our complaint against Acantha was gaining momentum. Suddenly unlike her bosses at the counselling service she worked at, these guys were listening to what we said and whats more they said we had a case. Suddenly the so called nutcase (which acantha labelled us as) was suddenly becoming the case with a bowl full of nuts.


Our third personal goal of the year came true. We headed to the goldcoast where we had booked an amazing and life changing holiday for both myself and my relationshuip with them. this was something i never thought id do and after two years of saving we had the holiday of a lifetime and something none of us will ever forget as we visited theme parks and had a blast.
The only draw back was Acantha demanding we answer some questions for her and she knew we were going on holiday and knew she could ask them this sucked so bad. I was on holidays and still dealing with Acantha.
I also passed my CERT 11 in hospitality, i now was a qualified cook.


We had to wait patiently now for the news to come in about Acantha, so we threw ourselves into therapy, we had been working hard throughout the year but for some reason a closure on what had been going on with Acantha opened a major place in our life for healing in our own, We truly headed fast into some integration it was a huge turning point in our life. It was also a time of rest as we spent time away from college and to ourselves. This was also a time we applied for jobs but we didn't expect much result.


Wow what a month, The board decided that Acantha was indeed accountable. ntable for being negligent against me and was to be diregsistered. But it wasnt over there was a still an appeal progress to think of. But also big news we in our searching for just work experience got he biggest break of all we got a job . Our wonderful new boss offered us a job with full pay training . We knew all our hard was paying off.
But Our first day of work was marred with sadness. Our ex husband had got drunk behind the wheel of a car and driven in headlong into a tree. The day we started work we received that news. Far from cripple us it made us more determined. If this was to stop us getting work not on our life. Our wonderful friends stepped in the gap and started their regime of babysitting. We had a new family and that was the family of friends.
Acantha appealed the first decision and so a new panel had to be formed and a new decision made.the children's father spent this whole month recuperating the kid were left fatherless.


Our first major breakthrough occurred. ebony our eight year old alter had integrated, she had done the first step in a example to the others. But it wasnt without pain, she really had to do hard work and in fairness Rachel stood as a supportive therapist as she did it.
Still we waited for a result on Acanthas appeal it was going to be a long wait.
another month passed and again the kids dad went awol. We were headed for exhaustion,.


Overwhelmed by exhaustion and overload, single motherhood (no break) an overloading work scheldule and the Acantha situation as well as too much study, we had a momentary breakdown. We cried and felt overwhelmed we spent time in therapy and felt better.
The news was in Acantha had been truly derigstered,we had won no more appeals to be made it was done, she had breached boundaries and many other boundaires, according to the powers thatt be she had violated us in many ways.
We took one week of to spend time with our knew found family in NSW it was the best thing we could ever have done, we got to know our family more and whats more they spent time with mine it was awesome.
We spent time with Acanthas old bosses yes she had stood down before she got pushed. They apologised and listened intensely to what we had to say. The truth is for us organised christian religions are as pathetic as ever before. Thank god we are free.


We did it we passed e are now a qualified chef. Work is getting busy and ive been offered permanent weekend shifts im in my element. Suddenly we are facing the greatest pain, altersd are talking alters who hadnt talked before, we needed extra appointments we swallowed our pride and see it through. With Rachel and Noel we integrated more alter we did it we are spent the Christmas knowing our year had been fruitful.

Heres to 2011



  1. wow...what a year you've had. i know that your writing only scratches the surfaces of what you have experienced, i hope this year bring much peace and freedom from the past. may you laughter and joy be more than your sorrow....all the best in 2011

  2. What an exciting year! I love the chef part best, really, and I'm so happy for you that you have accomplished so much!

  3. What an amazing year! So proud of you guys for all of your growth. You are an example of determination for me, and a reminder to keep fighting even when I can't see the road in front of me. Thank you guys so much for living so candidly in front of us throug your blog. You F***ing ROCK!!!!!


  4. I know your year was a wild ride, just as mine was. I knew we'd both get through it but I didn't know how well.

    It doesn't surprise me you hit a point where you needed extra sessions. I was thinking that might come. I'm glad you were able to get them and what you needed so your healing could continue.

    While I know it's hard to raise those kids alone, I also knew you had the strength to do it. One more thing that says Acanthas and your awful parents etc were so so wrong about you.

    You did yourself proud this year, girl!!!!