Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some things that get us pissed off and some goals for 2011

Not ever having enough time to ourselves, between kids work and life no time no fucking time.

a ex husband who continually promises his kids one thing and delivers something entirely different.

Friends who say they are Friends but in reality when you dont offer freebies anymore they simply piss off.

Having flashbacks and trying to shove them aside

having headaches due to flashbaks

having body memories due to flashbacks

Having the occasional panic attack due to lack of personal space.

Having one of my knees starting to give out and needing to take anti inflammatory just to get through work.

My goals this year

planning a fourtieth birthday in march

to meet the first ever female prime minister of Australia and get her signature.

To be divorced by the time i turn fourty.

To cook in one of Maggie Beers cooking classes in the borossa valley.

To see at least two musicals this year.

to get a bottle of passion pop on the inside of my right arm for my fourteenth birthday.

To revisit my grandmother and aunty in NSW in November

And lastly this is from Josie to have good and fulfilling non committal and spontaneous sex and lots of it LOL.



  1. Very good lists. I can relate to so many of the things that really piss you off.

  2. Oh damn, I'm laughing again...oh Josie. you ROCK!!!! (Brandee)

    We are getting a tattoo on the inside of our left arm this year as well--hopefully this month, in fact. It will say Heal.

    Sorry the kid's father is such a douche bag. Man, oh man. That really sucks. As does "friends" falling away...

    You have good goals this year! Good luck with them! ...Especially the last one! lol!