Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Floods and other things.

Ive been asked about the floods in queensland, we are in another state but we have been warned today that this will slowly creep toward us in Victoria, but this is unlikely to effect us where we live. These floods are about slow moving river we dont live by the river but the sea. As for personally my sister is now evacuated and watched her neighbours houses go under a few days ago, she is stranded on higher ground and is genuinely in shock and scared. What happened in toowoomba was a rare event but it has so far rained for nearly a month and people are in big trouble. Its devastating and sad.

We have been in a drought for the last ten years so now we are facing floods this isnt unusual in Australia often see fires and floods perhaps this is extreme as it is in the bush fires two years ago but still its the land we live feast or famine. We dont have the ice storms over seas does so this is mothers nature way of reminding us of her power.

so basically its like this 75% of Queensland which is the size of Canada is under water over one hundred people are missing in the floods and thats only a start. More than 200,000 homes are effected by floods with now 22,000 of those are now under threat in Brisbane. As it creeps into NSW and V ictoria later this week more will be effected and may die. If it is moving too fast again a mass tsunami may occur taking out further states, they are saying it will start effecting us by Friday. In fact as i have written this they have issued a flood warning for victoria so i guess it will be hitting us faster than expected

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Thank ypou for the notice! I do not want to ad panic or something, but you know that rivers go to the sea: Is there something like a hill or such in your neighbourhood? Just in case.

  2. at this stage we will see what happens

  3. Mother nature can sure take her toll on things.