Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ive seen it all

I know you don't want to talk about the cave. 
 I've heard I've seen you shudder in terror as it is mentioned
ive seen the terror face to face
what you've seen ive seen

Ive seen those in pain shiver with cold
ive seen them bought a sold
ive watched as their eyes
say they have no choice it is as they are told

I have seen I have closed
many pockets in my cloak
so those inside cant suffer
for the sickness of those without hope

ive seen them bleed

before I learnt to not feel
I saw it all
the hollow eyes
the sad lonely whimper

I don't have a word to say
for you to not hate me
except to say
your grief can release me
release you
release all of us to be one

I have a story but I am nothing without you
I want to be free
I need it too.


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